Pedagogical material

1) In my suitcase: 


  • Conjugaison progressive du Français (CLE international)
  • Connexions niveau 1 (Didier)
  • La grammaire des premiers temps (PUG) Dominique Abry& Marie-Laure Chalaron

Flashcards for role plays:

jobs, weather, food, money, verbs etc…

2) Online material


  • Un gars une fille TV series
  • Bref series

Websites for A2 TICE : A scenario leading the student to discover Paris in a different way. Plenty of short oral comprehension videos and questionnaires : A scenario dedicated to the works of XIX th century artist Claude Monet If you want to discover the Caribeen Island of Cuba on a cycle

Help and ideas :

La page des profs de l’Institut Français de Madrid: will provide ideas and material

A French teacher’s blog :

Le point du FLE

Other blogs not for FLE but that can be helpful a blog made for French kids which can be used to find ideas

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