“Lamu is one of the highlights of Kenya with Mount Kenya”, I was told. Well I don’t know if they were talking about Lamu town. It’s a Swahili place like Zanzibar and I think I’m not too keen on Swahili places after all. There are Dhows and islands, so maybe he was talking about islands. I went there when I had academic writings to do. So, I stayed most of the day in the room and came out of my coral hotel (yes because most of the buildings are in coral stone, it’s basically limestone but doesn’t it sound magical when you hear that?) only to order amazing fresh mango juices and fresh delicious fish in coconut sauce.

Apart from that there were donkeys everywhere, the sewerage system was running along each street and you always met the same guys in the street with the same kofia and sometimes their hair dyed in orange henne… wow…

Of course the tides were indeed impressive. Unbelievable, magical. The water disappeared and left the boats shunken in the sand, stuck… unable too leave. It would only be years later that I’d understand that this had actually caused the British to lose a war in Zanzibar…

“Some entertainment in your room, miss?”

When I was in Diani, a guy approached me. He was an acrobat, I had seen them perform on the beach. He asked me if I needed entertainment. I said “no thanks”. Then he asked if I needed entertainment in my room. It took me some time to understand what he meant. I first thought of the guys coming to perform their acrobaties in my tiny room. Then, I understood what entertainment he meant. Had I not been young and good looking I would have probably understood quicker.

Usually these “services” are offered to middle-aged lonely ladies. Then, discussing with the people at the hotel I understood there was actually a big business going on with European women. Some adopted the guys and paid for their siblings studies. It was a kind of win-win situation they said.

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