Practical details and information

Free course on Security of Expats AbroadUN basic security course

Click on the following link to enroll

The course is BSITF II

  • SCORM package Module 1: Introduction (3.4 MB)SCORM package
  • SCORM package Module 2: The UN Security Management System (3.4 MB)SCORM package
  • SCORM package Module 3: On the Move (12.2 MB)SCORM package
  • SCORM package Module 4: Where You Live and Work (8.2 MB)SCORM package
  • SCORM package Module 5: Your Health (8 MB)SCORM packageNot completed
  • SCORM package Module 6: Your Wellbeing (6.4 MB)SCORM packageNot completed
  • SCORM package Module 7: Your Personal Safety (10.9 MB)

Address of the French Embassy

Ambassade de France au Kenya
Barclays Plaza P.O. Box 41784 00100 Nairobi

Where to live in the surrounding areas either one of these districts if not in Langata itself

  • State House,
  • Kilimani,
  • Hurligham,
  • Kileleshwa,
  • Lavington

Price of a room in a shared flat between 20 to 35000 KSH. ( Note 1 euro = 100 KSH)

How to find a place to live, with the help of the internet….

  • Through  facebook pages :

1) “Nairobi expats” (
2) “Nairobi Expats Marketplace” ( These websites have useful information and offers if you want to keep in touch with the international community living in Kenya.
3) For housing

4) Contact Joanne, she offers cheap and convenient homestay 

Two rooms for rent at KILILESHWA, Githunguri road) dans une petitye maison.
Ensuite room 1400 KSH / night  OR 25 000 KSH per month with breakfast and dinner included.
Room with shared bathroom  1200/ night   OR 22 000 per per month with breakfast and dinner included. 
 20-25 min walk to de Yaya Centre.
4 km from Barclays’s plaza FR embassy. Matatu nª48 for city centre ( lto be taken at Odeon cinema from the centre it drops you 500m from the place).
Contact Joanne  07 22 409 647
  • Through
  • Through your good fortune : Myself I asked at the Embassy and the girl who attended me had a sister living in Langata.

Where to stay upon arrival….

contact me…


It’s better to get it in your country for 40 Euros. Otherwise it can be acquired at the airport… but you will have to queue


No vaccin is compulsory for Kenya

 What to watch: Videos or Documentaries

  • Documentaries

In Spanish, Spanish TV A documentary about three glob trotters going to Kenya

In English :

BBC 2012 Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve: Kenya and the Horn of Africa

Planet Earth Live 2012 Episode 1 The Masai Mara Kenya

Planet Earth Live 2012 Episode 2 Kenya and Minnesota, USA

Planet Earth Live 2012 Episode 5 Samburu: Kenya, Kalahari Desert

Planet Earth Live 2012 Episode 7 Live Update Kenya

  • Fiction

The story of he danish novelist Karen Blixen’s life in Africa : Out of Africa, by Sydney Pollack (1985) starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford 

What to bring:

THE WEATHER IS COLD IN NAIROBI. it’s the equator yes but 1700 meters above the sea level! bring winter clothing! Read this article the Weather in Nairobi 

A pair of Wellington boots

An umbrella

Woolen socks for the monsoon evenings

A mosquito net and mosquito oil/cream. You can get ” Apis Meillifica” for after the bites…

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