Colonialism by Wangari Maathai

To Cristina F. pour nous avoir ouvert les yeux

maathai_unbowed“My parents were peasant farmers, members of the Kikuyu community, one of the forty-two ethnic groups in Kenya”. p. 3

“I am as much a child of my native soil as I am of my father, Muta Njugi, and my mother, Wanjiry Kibicho, who was more familiarly known by her Christian name, Lydia. Following the Kikuyu tradition, my parents named me for my father’s mother, Wangari, an old Kikuyu name”. p.4

“The daughters made the clans matrilineal, but many privileges, such as inheritance and ownership of land, livestock and perennial crops, were gradually transferred to men. It is not explained how women lost their privileges”. p.5 Continue reading