Article on Standard Digital: How men unprepared for marriage ward off clingy women

This article drawn from the Standard Digital explains  the other side of  “the marriage issue” in Kenya.

During my stay here I have heard a lot about marriages and their lack of success. I often think that the key to others’ behaviour lies in our own. This article confirmed this fact.


self imposed marriagesApparently, a huge percentage of marriages in Kenya are based on cohabitation. It all starts like a joke that unfortunately ends with tears — for the woman. It begins with a sleep over where the woman puts her best foot forward; cooks tasty meals, wash and clean and generally keeps the house in good condition. This will impress the man, no doubt.

It has been alleged that most men hardly know what they want in a wife, and therefore any woman with average so-called ‘wife material’ credentials can trick such men to marry them. All she needs to do is behave well during formative years and before the man knows it, she sticks on him like glue forcing him to marry her. Unfortunately, they never fake it for too long before things get thick. Things always fall apart with the woman, ironically, calling an morning show FM radio host to whine — about how she no longer ‘feel’ or love her husband.