Excursion to Washini Island, Mombasa

Washini Island is a small island 7km long and 5 km large – yes dad, even smaller than Singapore and here there is no space for airplanes! – along the southern coast of Kenya. It was discovered 200 years ago by the Arab traders. Today it is home to two villages which include…. a football club! There are baobab trees, just like in Le Petit Prince which also takes place in Africa.

When I decided to go to Mombasa on Wednesday morning I had hesitated. only 4 days off, and 12 hours to reach that’s 24 hours for the return trip… and alone… But these were my only day of my only opportunity to see more than Nairobi. Of course when God gives me an iopportunity….

And such the beauty of life is that our efforts always pay off!. I didn’t know that 48 hours after making this decicion, one of my lifetime dreams would come true!

There are many reasons to make an excursion there

-1)  first of all, you will be able to snorkel around the Kisite Marine Park which is believed to have the best diving spot in Kenya. Here no need to have completed a padi diving course, snorkeling is enough! Had I known this I would have taken my underwater camera, but I left it in Paris! Sorry no pictures, but just imagine a variety of colourful corals, resembling the human brain painted by a surrealistic painter, and that it! If you know the names of the fish: well parrot fish, angel fish, clown fish… to name a few, otherwise come over and see for yourself!

That was my lifetime dream number 1

2) Another dream came true! Seeing dolphins in their natural habitat! The guide on the boat started the excursion saying ” Dolphins are wild animals and we can’t guarantee 100% that you’ll see them but….”. Then I thought, well that’s gonna be tough, but if I think about them, I’ll see them for sure!

And we did! we saw three dolphins diving in and out the waters! The people on the boat kept laughing they really spread happiness around those dolphins. Their “face” is really expressive it seems that they are smiling!

3) The water is really clean just like in everyone’s dreams!

4) Washini hosts another surprise!

On the island itself ” A coral island the guide said” there are some limestone rocks sprouting out the land.

They are in fact, it’s clear to see, the same corals, but this time dead ones….from a time the island was submerged: the sea has retroceded millions of years ago, and the corals remain there as unaltered sculptures.

The fisherladies catch some crabs in the salty mangrove waters.

5) Just driving there will allow you to see the beautiful coastal landscapes and the traditional habitat.

I would like to turn back time and be the Eva before seeing that so that I can get this mesmerizing sense of surprise!

You can have a look at this video and see Kenya’s coast through my eyes ( or at least my camera….!)