“Some entertainment in your room, miss?”

When I was in Diani, a guy approached me. He was an acrobat, I had seen them perform on the beach. He asked me if I needed entertainment. I said “no thanks”. Then he asked if I needed entertainment in my room. It took me some time to understand what he meant. I first thought of the guys coming to perform their acrobaties in my tiny room. Then, I understood what entertainment he meant. Had I not been young and good looking I would have probably understood quicker.

Usually these “services” are offered to middle-aged lonely ladies. Then, discussing with the people at the hotel I understood there was actually a big business going on with European women. Some adopted the guys and paid for their siblings studies. It was a kind of win-win situation they said.

Read more http://www.projectfreerange.com/michael-soi/

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