The Rift Valley

Kenya Great Rift valley (8)In Kenya there is an area South of Nairobi called the Rift Valley. The earth cracked and as a result of that it created a depression that is now a 6000km geographic trench which starts in Lebanon and goes all the way down to Mozambique. Africa has thus been separated into two plates: the Nubian Plate and the Somali Plate.

In the Rift Valley, the mountains are purple, the sky is strong blue, the well-shaped clouds always hang on the horizon, never just above your head, and the the bark of the trees is golden, the earth is at times of a vivid orange colour, so strong it can hurt your eyes.

Kenya Great Rift valley (1)Here, yes, indeed, it is true the clouds look like the ones we drew when we were children, cotton clouds or like the skins of the sheep that are sold along the way. It’s the place to see the world through the eyes of a child and here indeed we can understand why artists portray things in ways that would otherwise seem naive to us, because here we can see by them ourselves through the eyes of artists or children. If we want to understand art, we need to come this natural temple.

Kenya Great Rift valley (71)

As Karen Blixen had stated, here the trees, the golden trees, grow horizontally.

Along the way some shops sell sheep and cows skins, which they hang on tree  sticks as if that was some species of flower : the hat made out of sheep skin… all the colours of the sheep are represented… they seem so cosy you wish to wear them even in this hot weather. Hot but not suffocating, because of the altitude. In fact cold when there is no sun.

At times you see a cloud of dust ahead of you… At first I couldn’t see the sheep. When I passed by them I wondered why I hadn’t seen them earlier…. This is because they were transported magically along the road in a cloud of golden powder, and therefore it is only when I had reached their height that I could see them…

Kenya Great Rift valley (77) - Copie

The people there wear colourful clothes and necklaces and abundant jewelry made of beads using all the colours in the rainbow. The men are covered in red of purple cloths half-way up their legs.

From time to time a blue arrow crosses the skyline. It’s a superb starling. At times a blue, white and black animated fan dashes from nowhere… that’s a lilac breasted roller….

This is where the Maasai Mara National Reserve is located.

Mara birds (98)

Lilac breasted roller taking off


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