Elections day

Today, it’s elections day. It seems people are not going to work so that they can vote. It’s bank holiday. There are no cars in the street, no jams… I wonder if anything is open… can I go for a mikshake or a beer. What about my Ethiopian restaurant… The people in Europe are working I know and I feel like it’s Sunday!

voting queue

voting queue in Nairobi

They say the lines are so huge that some people had started the queue at 5:30 and at 11 they still hadn’t voted. But my friend went there at 6:30 and by 10 he had gone through.

I haven’t followed anything about the elections. I have never had politics as my favourite assignment, unless it’s about Lee Kwan Yew or De Gaulle….But I know that last time it had degenerated into a huge conflct between the tribe of the President and the tribe of the Prime Minister. This year we had been praying for peace. We didn’t even realise how lucky we are in Europe not having anything similar. And yet in Europe we are unhappy with the elections.

The consequence had been many deaths and also no supply. No supply of bank notes, airtime, no food….

So when I went to the supermarket there was no milk left, hardly any bread, the water was gone…

People had advised me to buy some provisions…. The main thing shall be the mosquito repellant. ” but you can’t eat mosquito repellant”. At least they won’t eat me!


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