My favourite vegetable ever

ladies fingers

look at the beautiful star shaped vegetable…

I had tasted it for the first time in 2008 in India. The lovely taste of something melting in your mouth. What’s it called? ” Laydiezfingars” – ” mmm, I beg your pardon?…-“Laydiezfingars.” – I couldn’t get it. The indian accent was not helping either… at that time I was just beginning to understand tamil English…

“You mean “ladies’ fingers” I asked showing my hand. “Yes that’s correct….

Of course when I told my mum the name of the vegetable she had the same reaction. We thought we din’t get it properly.

Then in Singapore also the Chinese cooked it.. mmmmiam….

Before coming to Africa I had tried to show this to my aunts and see if we could find it in Spain for them to taste. But I didn’t even know the name…

When I finally managed to check the spanish name ” el gombo” I didn’t find it on the peninsula.

I check the areas where it was grown before coming here, to see if I had a chance to find it in Kenya…. Yes!

Here I found it in a supermarket owned by Indian Kenyans… the Gujarati people that I had met in Pondicherry which had made a lot of business inTanzania, were also found in Kenya. The only difference is that the ones in Kenya had not been asked to leave as the ones in Tanzania. All those Gujaratis¬† were still very rich nowadays in Pondichery. Or at least they wanted to show they were. Everyone remembered Doctor Raichura and his Mercedes…

Here this is called Okra…

Below is my first cooking experience…mmm let me ask how they do it in Singapore next time I get there!


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