Shimba Hills National Reserve

Shimba hills is located in the Mombasa area. It’s a National Reserve where elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, baboons, antilopes and sable antilopes can be seen…

If we are looking for a water point and we find this tree it means the water is not far. This tree needs a lot of water and only grows where it can be found. The fruit of this tree was used as washing soap as once opened it produces foam.

Foam tree

This palm tree is the only one with branches. Its fruit is reddish and it ferments rather easily – although I didn’t understand how- and once it ferments the elephants eat it and get slightly tipsy , just like in Jumbo. By the way this is a Swahili word meaning “ hello”.

This is called crocodile liana and you can easily understand why…

Also here Sable antilopes can be found: it’s one of the only places where this graceful animal can be seen

And here is a video for you to watch


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