Kenya or at least Nairobi is far from being a cheap place. The reason for this is the same as everywhere: the price of oil. And although Kenya has its own oil – “ only a little bit” they say, “ This is not Nigeria” the things which are imported bear the ever increasing cost of what we call in French the “ Black gold”.

This reminds me of the story my father used to tell about some people in Algeria. “No need to work, we are rich, we don’t need to worry about our food, now we have petrol, we shall never be hungry. And an elderly lady asking “ Does it taste good?”.

However if you keep away from the places which are meant for the “Musungus” ( the white people) you can manage to have organic food, everyday for ….. less than 1 euro! That’s to say around 100 Kenyan Shillings.

So this is what I do. I go to the market, and buy two bunches of 4 green sprouts of something: like Spinach, Terere, or some so called weeds extremely tasty. Each bunch costs 5 Shillings. To that I add a bag of 5 organic potatoes for another 20 shilllings, 4 tomatoes for 20 shillings, 1 garlic, 2 onion  this is another 30 shillings, some carrots for 20 shillings, add some South Indian dall and that’s it! I can eat it for lunch and dinner and it lasts three to four days.

We need to wash the food carefully because of the remaining insects – so for that it’s best to use vinegar… and there we go! Who can afford to eat only healthy organic food for around 50 euro cents per vegetarian meal?

If we wish to we can buy a fresh fried delicious fish, which some ladies cook on the spot and sell on the street. The price varies according to the size of the fish, from 200 to 350 Shillings… but considering that it’s delicious, it’s worth the deal!.


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