Fortune favours the brave!

On the road, from Nairobi to Mombasa

I had heard about Mombasa for the first time in to the movie Out of Africa: Robert Redford gets his airplane there.

Also my colleagues said to me that in Mombasa, the drivers would see something they like in the market and stop the car in the middle of the road to bargain. And if you tell them something they will reply ” If you are in such a hurry you should have come yesterday!”

I had decided to go to Mombasa even before coming to Kenya but had I known how many vehicles I would have to take I would have probably been too worried with my poor sense of orientation to carry on with my project.

However it seems I was transported there by magic.

These are the many vehicles I had to take to cross the 550 separating Nairobi from the coast

-1 matatu from home to town

-1 night bus (9 hours)

-1 matatu from where the bus dropped me to the ferry ( oh yeah cause there’s a ferry)

-1 ferry to cross the sea

-1 matatu to the beach area

-another matatu to the actual beach

But my sweet colleague took me to the place where I could by the fare, then he brought me home, picked me up again and took me to the bus station… because it was night time and dangerous…. in the morning I woke up in Mombasa. The locals helped me and directed me, and magically I reached!


2 thoughts on “Fortune favours the brave!

  1. J’ aime ton sens de la decouverte qui s*apparente parfois a de la franche inconsciennce mais je crois a ta bonne etoile et la la generrosite qui emane de toi pour croire au final que tu trouveras ton chemin car nul ne peut rester insensible a ton charme…………bises Annick

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