The Matatus

A matatu guy calling for us

“Matatus” are small vans with four rows of three seats at the back. There are also two seats at the front next to the driver. We take them to move around as there is no underground transport. Most of them are rather old, their state is more or less reliable. In fact some of them should not be on the road at all.
They often change the drivers. There is another guy assisting the driver: he collects the money and tells the driver when to stop by banging on the body of the van twice.

Today it was very rainy: there were 5 people sitting on the first row, in fact two of them where doing their best to fit in; half standing: the main thing is to fit in, as it is not for a very long distance comfort doesn’t really matter.
The rates vary according to the distance, whether it’s during the rush hour or not, whether it is rainy or not. If either of the latters it will increase by 10 Kenyan Shillings. its around 50  shillings per trip.

Here in Kenya most drivers don’t respect the driving rules : the matatus often try to gain a few meters by driving on the pavement itself. Today one of them had fallen along the road in a ditch…


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